Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Term Memories

Assalamualaikum and hey guys.

Memories are something that hard to forget.
Actually we don't remember the days but we remember the moments.
The moments we were laughing, joking, cheating and doing anything that rare 
Mostly if talking about MEMORIES we will recalled moments in our secondary school
Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh
Place where I got many friends and otw of learning about real life.
That was the awesome and unforgettable moments.
Sometimes it will make us crying like a baby when remind about the moments.

So, this post I would like to show world that I miss my schoolmates 
They're the memories that never gonna fade away until the end of my life.
We have been together about five years .
Living in a hostel like a family with all boys.
No one can separate us.
We have a good time together, striving for the exam together and scolding by teachers together.
That was really sweet and make me miss them damn much.

Eventhough things end but memories last forever.
Now I realize that something that most valuable is the memories itself
I really hope that one day we got time to gather together even we already have a family
The one that make us different that others is we will never forget each other except death occur 
That most the most special thing about my school.
One day we'll organize an event called Old Boys Weekend at our former school
That time we're already older and got children maybe.
But the bond between us just like young generation
It has been proved by the OBW during my time at secondary school.

So, I'm proud to be one of the
"Starian 2006-2010"

My batch 06-10

Sad memory when one of my friend leave us

 Fivers 2010

 My hostel mates

 Grand dinner

 On top of our class building

 we spend our weekend playing futsal

Eidulfitri celebration

That's all about my memories ;)
They're awesome friends I ever met


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