Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Pieces of 1st Semester Memoirs


Here I got some pieces of memories during our first semester.
It was really awesome, terrific and unforgettable
Something that we had used to be
Laughing, smiling, chilling, joking during the events were conducted
Plus when we were hang out together
We're like a happy tree friends
Something that will never be erased on my mind.
Deep in my small heart I really miss the moments that we had before.
Being friends with all of you added a bright spot in my life
It was a reality and not a movie.
Our friendship is just like a sheltering tree :)

 Port Dickson

 Old Town White Coffee - class supper

 cheerful event

 Hari Raya Haji at Crescent 1

 Last Malayan boys

We have fun 

Merdeka Raya event - first and foremost event 1st sem 

first assembly 

Hang out at Alamanda 

We had created strong bond

extravaganza ;P 

Experiencing acting  

Presentation session

Rafting at Port Dickson 

 First met
Sweetest smiles :) 


 Volunteering 1 malaysia dancing at Dataran Merdeka 
 First practice performance - damn awesome 
me and Acap

Bitter sweet that we had together
Family members that we never thought to be
Strangers that become best friends :)
Thank you so mush because let me know who you are
Thanks for everything that we had done together
Sorry for the sake of my attitude
I didn't mean it but it mean to be 
Hope this relationship will last longer for the long term ^^

"Memories can last forever but photos may not"

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